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Code of Ethics

At SS&H Financial Advisors, Inc. we take great pride in our commitment to serving our clients’ needs and the integrity with which we conduct our business. The financial services industry has come under significant scrutiny as of recent times, especially in the area of the inherent responsibility of the financial professional to behave in the best interests of his/her clients. We have developed a Code of Ethics as a means of memorializing our vision of appropriate and professional conduct in carrying out the business of providing investment advisory services.

Each of our "access persons" has been furnished with a copy of our Code and have signed their name to a written acknowledgement attesting to their understanding of the Code and acceptance of its terms. When a client signs our advisory contract, we view that action as an expression of trust in our ability to manage assets effectively and within the highest standards of professional conduct. It is our policy and duty to respect the trust that our clients place in us and to always keep their best interests ahead of our own. We believe that upholding this fiduciary duty is the cornerstone upon which fruitful relationships are forged and hence, successful businesses are built.

As a registered investment adviser, we operate under the regulatory jurisdiction of the SEC and the state of Michigan, which subjects the firm to a variety of industry rules and regulations. We recognize that these laws, rules, and regulations exist to protect the interests of the investing public and therefore insist that our employees maintain strict compliance thereto.

Violations of the Code are taken seriously.