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SS&H adheres to a philosophy of investing in companies with secure debt ratings and solid growth expectations. Generally, this means we use large, well-capitalized companies. We employ a long-term strategy but acknowledge that sometimes market fluctuations necessitate short-term actions.

Providing personalized, continuous & independent investment advice, our investment counsel process includes...

  • Identifying your financial objectives.
  • Developing an investment strategy to meet those objectives.
  • Implementing and tracking this strategy, using investment vehicles selected to fit your needs.
  • Ongoing advice on this strategy based on changes in your circumstances or changes in the economic outlook or tax code.
  • SS&H is a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor and can therefore offer independent security selection. We do not receive any product-driven commissions. Our compensation is directly linked to your financial success. We succeed together.

Our dynamic process enables SS&H Financial Advisors, Inc. to work side by side with you in striving to realize your financial goals. Throughout this process we continually fine-tune our understanding of your objectives. This is crucial to our implementation of the programs we jointly develop. Just as markets are dynamic and ever-changing, so must strategy be in order to maximize your wealth. Our personalized attention to your unique needs is the value we add to the investment process.