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Frequently Asked Questions

Does SS&H Financial Advisors, Inc. take custody of my securities?

Client accounts are typically held with a discount brokerage firm. SS&H has relationships with the likes of Charles Schwab & Company and Fidelity Investments, to name a few, where we buy and sell investments on your behalf. Discounted brokerage fees apply to any trades executed on your behalf. You receive reporting directly from your custodian that shows all of your portfolio and its activity. Year-end tax-reporting is generated by your custodian.

Does SS&H Financial Advisors, Inc. receive commissions from trades or recommendations?

No. SS&H receives no commissions from any activity taken in your account. We adhere to the philosophy that it can be difficult for an advisor to be objective about investment selection if there is advisor income tied to that decision. This becomes even more difficult for an advisor if there are in-house products used in a portfolio. Our sole source of revenue is investment management fees tied to a percentage of assets under management. Our compensation is directly linked to your financial success. We succeed together.

Does SS&H Financial Advisors, Inc. have a minimum account size for taking on a new relationship?

Since we choose to invest in individual securities we adhere to a minimum account size of $350,000.

Are investment returns guaranteed?

No. Investing involves risk. It should be noted that the cash and securities - such as stocks and bonds - held by a customer at a discount brokerage firm are protected by SIPC.

Are tax consequences considered when SS&H Financial Advisors, Inc. makes investment decisions?

Absolutely. We keep a close eye on yearly gain/loss positions and can even work closely with your accountant, if need be. However, tax consequences are rarely the driving force behind making a decision to sell a position.