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Do I Need An Independent Financial Advisor?

Do you know your financial goals? Have you laid out a way to achieve those goals? Very few people take the time to PLAN their investments. A financial advisor makes you take the time, helps you look at the tough questions and steers you through the process. Paying for college and/or financing a comfortable retirement are just a few of your possible goals that a financial advisor can help you address.

Do you know the RISKS in your portfolio? Are your time horizons consistent with your goals? Have you too much invested in one company or are your investments so volatile that you cannot sleep at night? A financial advisor uses the PLAN to tailor investments to your comfort level. Many investors want all the upside but cannot live with the downside when markets pull back. A financial advisor keeps you on “the straight and narrow”…keeping your investments consistent with your objectives. Financial advisors help you achieve your financial goals, through good markets and bad.

What do you do when everyone on the networks are screaming BUY, BUY, BUY or worse, SELL, SELL, SELL? How do you handle extreme market volatility? Do you let market swings get in the way of you taking control of your investments? A financial advisor can help avoid buying at the peak of the market or selling at the market bottom. A financial advisor can talk you through the emotions of investing. A financial advisor spends time following the markets, interest rates, the economy and company financials. Armed with information and a plan, you and your financial advisor can work together to achieve financial success.